Both species are used for a variety of medical purposes according to practitioners of medical marijuana. Instead of using pure indict or pure saliva, many patients can benefit from the use of hybrid strains. The buds themselves smell almost fruity, like an Apple pie, and they are heavily perfumed. saliva strains typically produce a soaring, energetic high. These strains typically cause you to analyse the human experience and think creatively, which makes Cannabis saliva very popular among philosophers, artists and musicians. Not to mention, 95 percent of cannabis strains today are hybrids with only a handful of land race strains qualifying as pure saliva, indict or ruderalis. Most growers report a purple stoma when this plant is grown in a colder climate and a red or orange stoma when grown in a hotter climate. This is growing amongst wild growth on a vacant piece of land next to my house.

Is it India or saliva? The overall shape that a hybrid’s leaf will have is totally dependent on the ratio of India and saliva in the plant. All the above is relatively new science. It is the leaf of the saliva plant that is most often used as the symbol for marijuana in popular culture. That being said, it is actually the indices that have the strongest analgesic effect when it comes to medical cannabis, it’s usually the sativas that have a higher amount of THC compared to CDs. The flavours and smells of Cannabis India include; pine, pungent skunk, earth, hash, or a sweet and sugary fruit flavour. Thai saliva grows taller and has a longer flowering period, so they are better suited for outdoors. Linnaeus incorrectly thought the genus to be monotypic, or having just a single species. saliva’s typically take longer to germinate and flower, and they grow more gangly then indict breeds. I’ve been smoking for years, but never paid much attention to what I smoked.

I have 3 Crushed discs in the left side of my rear lower back. Read more about cannabis indict here. The grower is trying to combine optimal growing characteristics. According to anecdotal evidence, the India strains are a relaxant, effective for anxiety, pain, nausea, appetite stimulation, sleep, muscle spasms and tremors, among other symptoms. Since vegetation periods are so long, these plants typically produce a much higher yield than India strains 3 ounces to 1 pound per plant, but possess a lower THC percentage than India on average around 12-16%. Well, this exercise in taxonomy is an example of why names occur the way they do in science and how these classifications were not determined based on the effects of the plant. saliva marijuana plants are mostly outdoor plants which takes a longer time to grow and harvest. The high from saliva are thought to be the more creative, psychedelic strains.